Stud Jazz Fest 2017
We are happy to announce the 9th edition of the Jazz Festival between 10-14th of May 2017 with a new name! International Youth Jazz Competition And Festival!


We would like to present the 9th Edition of The International Youth Jazz Competition and Festival, 10 – 14 May, 2017. The event is organized by the Cultural House of Students in Targu-Mures, Partitura Cultural Association and the Jazz&Blues Club.

The aim of this festival is to improve the relations between students and professors from different music academies, to offer students the chance of affirmation and to broaden the cultural activities of Jazz lovers in Targu-Mures.

The festival consists of 2 parts: the students’ competition and the concerts by professional jazz bands.

The success of the festival from previous years was due, primarily, to the talented competitors from different countries: Austria, The Republic of Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Lithuania.

The festival’s artistic level was raised by the famous jazz musicians invited to the event: Chris Dahlgren, Luiza Zan, Alex Man, Mircea Tiberian, Storyville, Váczi Eszter, Snaco Dixi Band, Bourbon Jazz Unit, Murányi Joe, Sárik Péter, Fábián Juli, Dj Zoohacker, Szőke Nikoletta Quartett, Jazz Challenge, Tonight Jazz Ensemble, Tasi Nóra & The Guys, Tess & The Vagabonds, Myrtill & The Swinguistique, Mario & The Teachers, Bega Blues Band, Tóth Lajos Trio, Alex Man&Gabriela Costa, Sebastian Spanache Trio, Harry Tavitian&Cserey Csaba, Tom White&His Friends, Mike Parker’s Trio Theory, Ripoff Raskolnikov or Elsa Valle Y Sus Hermanos.

The performance of the contestants was evaluated every time by a jury formed by knowledgeable members: Mircea Tiberian, Sebastian Gheorghiu, Luiza Zan, Bibó Lajos, Makkai Gyöngyvér, Sárik Péter, Virgil Mihaiu, Florian Lungu, Bágyi Balázs, Dr. Romeo Cozma, Boros Zoltán, Ion Baciu, Johnny Bota or Gyarfas Istvan.

One important rule of the International Youth Jazz Competition and Festival is that all participants must be musicians under 30, who study at an accredited music academy. The total value of the prizes is EUR 3,000.
Apart from the participants and the jury, another important contributor to the success of the festival was the public, who was present every time in a large number, thus reaching the main goal of this event, which was to broaden the cultural offer in our town.

The fact that this festival is at the 9th edition proves that it is appreciated by the participants, the jury and the public, as well as the specialized media! The Festival has had only positive feedback in the media and this puts the town of Targu-Mures on the list of Jazz music related events from inside and outside Romania.

The International Youth Jazz Competition and Festival is unique in Romania and quite rare in the rest of Europe, as it brings together young musicians and famous personalities from the world of contemporary jazz, creating an opportunity for these students to launch their career and to perform in front of competent critics.

Another valuable part of the Festival are the Workshops, which are very appreciated by the participants, as this is where the invited jazz musicians get to share their experiences and visions with the young talented students, which creates the kind of relationship that would otherwise be almost impossible to realize.
In order to increase the artistic and educational level of the Festival, we try to invite professors of great value in the world of Jazz, so as students from distant countries are motivated to travel all the way here and register to this event. In 2016 over 70 students from 6 countries registered to participate in the Festival and their number will achieve significant growth this year.

See you at the Festival!


Jakab Tibor the famous photograph will exhibit for the first time his “Musical Body Sounds” collection at the International Youth Jazz Competition and Festival. Between May 10-14 not only the jazz lovers, but other people too will have the chance to come and see his exhibition. “The making of 'Musical Body Sounds' was a whole new challenge for me. Music and body. Sounds and forms. Erotism? The collection reflects the love towards music as a symbolic dance between the body of a woman and the musical instrument.

The Hungarian and European Liszt Ferenc (1881-1886) exhibition, which consists of 6 roll-ups, is the result of Budapest Museum and Research Center for the 20th anniversary in 2011. The pictures, presented with English subtext, are meant for a larger audience with from the huge Hungarian musicians lives and works.

Music Trade Box at the Jazz Festival
Do you want to sell your old CDs or vinyl records? Then here is your chance at the Jazz & Blues Club during the Jazz Festival! Bring them to the club during the festival (May 10-14), put them in the box and you can sell them or exchange them with others!

Gabriela Costa sings and creates unique jewelry.
"It's the first time I go to a jazz festival as an exhibitor and I thank Jazz & Blues Club for this unforgettable experience. The presence on the stage in a concert is a special joy, but I am very happy at my work table too, where my imagination flies and the hands create different drawings." (Gabriela Costa)

Jazz Festival Chocolate
Gallfi's hand-made chocolates for the International Youth Jazz Competition and Festival. For a chocolate festival in every box! Only sweet tastes in a unique atmosphere accompanied with jazz music.